Thursday, November 27, 2014

Fat Loss Happens On Monday - Josh Hillis with Dan John

The way you’ve been doing your fat-loss workouts and diet has been making it harder and more complicated to lose weight.

You see, virtually everything you see and hear - in the media, in the fitness industry - is setting you up to have a harder time losing fat.

The problem with these kinds of hard diets and hard workouts is that most of them just aren’t very effective at helping you lose fat in the long term.

But there is another way.

An easier way. A more sustainable way. A more effective way.

That’s exactly what Josh Hillis and Dan John will give you in Fat Loss Happens on Monday.

With decades of experience of coaching others, they’ll give you a clear, simple and doable roadmap to strip away the fat - and more importantly, keep it off.

  • The eleven habits of people who successfully get, and stay lean
  • 6 unique habit strategies to suit your different needs at different times, and stop you from stalling.
  • Advanced carb cycling strategies to help you break through fat loss plateaus
  • 18-week Pull Your Weight program designed to help you lose fat with workouts that challenge, but don’t over tax your body
  • Two 8-week Bring It! programs for when you have a wedding, anniversary, reunion, photoshoot, or other important event coming up and need to lose fat, fast.
  • 60 lower body, upper body, and total body exercises fully illustrated and explained. 
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